Nuff Said 16

Sep 7, 2009

Knockabout Comics 3

2 Responses to “Nuff Said 16”

  1. Dave Whitwell Says:

    This has always been my favourite Hunt Emerson strip.

    I enjoy your blog and really should try to comment more often. – we have similar collections and interests, but you still manage to come up with a few gems I’ve not seen before (or can’t remember, more like!).

    All the best
    Dave Whitwell

  2. Hi Dave. I should try and comment more often too but I’m not that organised and am juggling so many things at the moment that this blog basically happens in my tea break.

    The above strip from Hunt Emerson appeared on the back cover of Knockabout Comics No 3 circa 1980 but I’m sure it appeared somewhere else much earlier. And I’m sure it must be a homage to a similar Robert Crumb strip but like I say I’m not organised enough to check through my back-issues.

    Anyway its always good to hear from someone else with good taste in comix…….

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