Great for Decoupage

Jul 1, 2021

There aren’t many comicbook bargains on EebuygumBay in C21. In the early days of the auction site (now over 20 years ago) I used to win the odd treasures when people would put comics up for sale (without photos!) saying things like “20 old DC comics” with a £1 starting price and I’d take a punt and for £2 plus postage I’d win (although I didn’t know what to expect) early 1960s Green Lanterns and Showcases. Those were the days.

Recently I won 8 old Annuals for £9 advertised as “Great for Decoupage”. They aren’t in that bad a condition (I already own worse) and someone else would have put each of the books up at a £10 starting price.

Perhaps rather than me continuing to throw crap (usually published in the last 20 years) comics into the recycling bin I could have a go at Decoupage. Perhaps old Victors would make good wallpaper. I used to frequent a pub that was wallpapered in 1930s – 1950s newspapers.