Bond Equipe 2 litre

Mar 22, 2010

Although I really should have known better, in 1989 I purchased a Bond Equipe 2 litre Mark 1. It was a 1968 model with Mark 1 Triumph Vitesse running gear (as opposed to my earlier Equipe GT4S which was Herald/Spitfire derived). I had great “fun” installing a replacement overdrive gearbox, replacement radiator and stainless exhaust system. I drove it for a few years until new toys came my way (cars that will be future classics such as a Mk11 Ford Granada, Rover SD1 3500, Opel Monza etc.) but although other cars have come and gone I have kept hold of the Bond.

Approx 600 2 litre Mk1s were assembled before Bond began using the Mk11 Triumph Vitesse chassis. The numbers of roadworthy ones (mine isn’t at the moment) must have now diminished to perhaps only a few dozen. Even Triumph classic car clubs (Triumphs were once as popular as MGs and Jaguars especially in the USA) are beginning to lose cars and members as indifference/the recession takes hold.

I keep meaning to check out someone else’s car to see if all the Mk 1 dashboards are the same. On my car the ignition and choke knobs are almost on the passenger’s side which makes for intimate moments when starting the engine. As with Triumph cars of the time operating the wipers and the water squirter is a two-handed operation. I still prefer the Mk1 wooden dashboard/steering wheel/gearknob to the black plastic/ambla as seen on the Mk11s.

Here is a pdf file of a brochure from 1968 listing the benefits (???) of being brave enough to purchase a brand new Bond Equipe 2 litre convertible. The precise number of cars that were convertibles out of the 1431 2 litres built is unknown. As they were all Mk11  versions I’m sure only a few hundred can have been built in 1968 and 1969 and there aren’t too many survivors now …..

PS: Here is a brochure from 1964 for the original 1200cc Bond GT.

PPS: Here is a brochure for the Bond Equipe GT4S which in 1200cc and 1300cc form was produced between 1964 and 1969.

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  1. Chris Gardner Says:

    Yes, the ignition and choke should be where you describe! Also, later Mk.1s had the black Ambla trim on the dash and door cappings – this wasn’t specifically a Mk.1 feature. All 2 Litres had the leather-covered steering wheel, I believe, whilst the GT4S had the woodrim.

    Smart-looking motor you have – sadly, my Mk.1 2 Litre is off the road too, but needs rather more work than yours. It’s an ex-works car, retained by them until the factory closed in 1970. One day…..

  2. Hi Chris

    As anyone familiar with Bonds will know looks can be deceiving. Although the car isn’t past the point of no return and could probably get an MOT the metal bits are crumbling. I replaced the doorskins which improved its appearance. The bulkhead is the main problem, particularly the top bit above the windscreen. I know things like that are fixable but its a big job I certainly haven’t got the time to tackle at the moment. Also there is a big crack in the rear screen thanks to a yob with a beerglass in a pub car park 10 years ago. (Its taken 10 years for the crack to grow from 4″ to 2 feet long !!) Again, I acquired a spare rear heated screen at the time of the “accident” but haven’t yet fitted it.

    Hang onto your Bond. They are a fascinating piece of motoring history. My current “classic” is an Opel Monza which although it was only manufactured 8 or 9 years after the Bond seems to be from a different century !!

    PS: In the photo above, although the dashboard is original the steering wheel and gear knob come from my earlier GT4S.

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