Warren’s 1984 number four

Nov 21, 2008

I wish I was more organised. After much searching I’ve just unearthed Warren’s 1984 issue number 4. A quick glance reveals a fascinating tale about the Martians. H.G.Well’s War of the Worlds actually happened and the Martians have finally returned for a second invasion 80 years later. And I’m looking forward to reading about the further adventures of the beautiful Idi Amin !!

2 Responses to “Warren’s 1984 number four”

  1. Sid Smith Says:

    Many thanks for your ongoing Warren Comics series. I’d not seen any of these before. Maybe 1984 never got any distribution up in the north east of England? In any event I loved the HG Wells-spoof dialogue. Terribly stiff upper lip even when there’s a missile hurtling toward you!

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    Warren’s distribution in the UK was very hit-and-miss and whole years would pass without me tracking down an issue in my usual newsagent haunts. From the early 1970s I would journey to the Westminster Comic Marts in London just to track down Warrens (and add to my heap of older issues of DCs “Mystery in Space”). By the late 1970s specialist Comic Shops began to appear in other parts of the UK but even so obtaining Warren comics in the UK was always difficult.

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