Nuff said 42

Oct 1, 2013

Summer Nights

In the States they make a big thing about All Hallows Eve (although the concept only really caught on there in the  beginning of the C20th). Shops here over the last few years have increased the Halloween plastic tat available whilst down-playing fireworks and Guy Fawkes night. Young children can no longer buy individual small fireworks for tuppence. When I think what fun we had as children throwing bangers around. Catherine wheels and Jumping Jacks were particular favourites. Bangers inserted in the fuselage of Airfix planes produced interesting results. They want to stop the harmless fun of the UK tradition of burning effigies of Mr Fawkes and replace it with people dressing up in horror masks. Talking of horror, I notice that Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie are once again lurking around the comic racks. And Vampirella comics continue to be published but they seem to be missing that undefinable something. I always liked this Arthur Adams cover from sometime in the 1990s though.