Xmas in June

Jun 25, 2010


The picture above is from a postcard that is 100 years old. It dates from the time when xmas cards were just that – postcards with a picture on one side and an address and greeting on the other. Then no one had thought of folding a piece of card and putting it in an envelope !! I discovered the card inside a book that was given to me by a relative many years ago.


PS: Interestingly the picture appears to have been drawn by W.G.Baxter (1856 – 1888). He was a pioneer of UK comics and best known as an artist on the Victorian satirical publication/comic  “Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday” before dying of consumption at the early age 0f 32. 

PPS: Here is an unedited version of the picture.

3 Responses to “Xmas in June”

  1. dirigibledave Says:

    deep joy – the first Christmas tape of the year AND Peter Sellers ‘The Party’ on tv the same day.

    Now that’s what I call Xmas (trademark).

  2. Drat !! I’m always missing “The Party”. Haven’t seen that for years. Another film I can’t track down is “Smashing Time” . Why isn’t that out on DVD ??

    And I forgot to put my favourite Xmas song on there…”Kung Fu Xmas” where we first hear the immortal lines “Honey, for Xmas I’m going to buy you a glass-bottomed boat”. “Oh,sugar, I don’t want no fish looking up my skirt”.

  3. dirigibledave Says:

    The Party is on Tuesday 6th July 9.55am or Wednesday 7th July 5.35pm on MGM HD.

    Oh, and I always put Shonen Knife’s ‘Space Christmas’ on any Christmas compilation, just for its sheer silliness.

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