Aug 26, 2010

I find the current crop of identikit monthly car magazines available in the UK to be boring in the extreme. Where today are the likes of “Jalopy” ?? In the early 1990s this little book (edited by Rod Ker who now seems to be on two wheels…) was a must-read.

Even the “Banger Buyers Guide” at the back of the book was fascinating. I never did find an Italian “Contradini Lambrusco” (1967-1974 789666cc side valve twin turbo Diesel single.) And I lusted after the Yorkshire-made “Earnshaw Diamond” (1955 only 666cc Gumby radial 7) with its unique diamond wheelbase configuration giving unprecedented manoeverability !!)

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  1. Scott Says:

    Hello, my name is Scott and I am currently a Phd researcher in Sociology at the University of Victoria. I have been working on alcohol social history for some time and I saw your scans of Captain Alcohol #2. I have been looking for a copy of this comic for some time and I would love to know where you got these images. If you have a copy of Captain Alcohol I would be very interested in either purchasing it or figuring out some way that I can get detailed scans (700 dpi) copies of this comic. This would help my research significantly. Thanks.

  2. I think my scans are of Issue No 1 which is quite easy to find on the Internet. Its the first thing you come across if you do a quick “Google”….

    The cover for issue No 2 is here


    I believe there were actually 4 issues published in Canada circa 1973.

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