A to Z of Offshore Radio

Aug 1, 2011

When I acquired this tape 40 (!!) years ago it was mostly documenting surprisingly recent history of just 4 or 5 years earlier. Perhaps more extensive versions of these recordings are in circulation but this 90 minute tape gives you a pretty good idea of what could be found on your transistor radio in the 1960s besides the BBC. More odd stuff for my Audio Archive.

A to Z of Offshore Radio

3 Responses to “A to Z of Offshore Radio”

  1. Dave Roberts Says:

    Thanks for putting this one up. Nowadays our ears are stuffed full of choice and we are all saturated to numbness and its all taken so much for granted. Easy audio pickings wherever you go and never quite as “special” as it was way back in the 60s and 70s. Nostalgic but true. I like what we have now but it all seems so ordinary ……. Maybe I should all take a media “raincheck” from time to time in the hope that it might become a little bit fresher when I return?

  2. Rodger Says:

    there are still some real music and radio lovers out there 🙂
    try listening to “Merseyland Alternative Radio” on weekends 🙂
    a landbased pirate keeping the dream alive 🙂

  3. Choice quality stuff, my man! Some fascinating things on here; keep up the good work!

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