The “Radio Garden” went live in December. Although basically it is still a list of links to the live streams of Radio Stations around the world it is presented in a novel user-friendly way. When you first access the Radio Garden site you are presented with planet earth covered in green dots that are hundreds of radio stations. It is easy to navigate and will be a great time-waster for me in the future.



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Jan 1, 2017

Although I only post stuff once a month I still find myself checking in here fairly regularly to see if I’ve had any comments. I don’t know why I still do this. The site only received three or four comments throughout the whole of last year. It seems I’ve even lost the few regular visitors I once had. I guess I didn’t make the site entertaining enough. Or perhaps they’re all either too old and jaded to care or even dead and gone? Visitor numbers fluctuate daily between 20 and 120, but if I look at the odd words they typed to actually stumble across my site you have to wonder if Google and the others are actually random-word-generators rather than proper search engines.


Anyway as I’m bored with my own words yet still logged in to WordPress.com I sometimes visit the Support Forums for something to do before I switch the laptop off and go and read a book instead (far more sensible). It amazes me how unwilling people are to look at support documents or to read any instructions. It amazes me how quick people are to shout and complain. They have signed up for a new site 30 minutes earlier and are already announcing that it is far too difficult for them. If there aren’t many staff or the usual gang of volunteers around I may reply to a few questions. I’ve had a free website here for years so it’s one way of giving something back. 75% of the time my replies are met with silence. Either they’ve never bothered to return to see the answer to their questions, or the reply helped them but they still couldn’t be arsed to say thanks. Sometimes I get it wrong. But more usually a few moments research into the question makes me more knowledgable about how the Interweb works at the html level.

The Internet is responsible for people now expecting instant solutions. “My (new….empty of content…) site is online (all of 15 minutes ago) so why can’t I Google it?” is a regular question. Why would Google want to index an empty site? “Why can’t I change the default title/settings of the theme?” etc etc. A surprising number appear to have the misconception that they will be able to fill their (new….empty of content…) site with adverts and instantly become Interweb Zillionaires. Differences between WordPress.com (here) and self-hosted WordPress.org sites is another constant confusion.

The irony is that now just as I’m beginning to get the hang of blogging (only took ten years) I’m also getting closer to the point (again) of finishing with it.