Little Jolt

Aug 1, 2013

Regular visitors (?!?) will know that I am a sucker for odd comics. They don’t get much odderer (?!?) than this. There was only this one (August 1996) issue of “The Astonishing Moth” by Big Jolt Comics. Perhaps they fell foul of the 1990s comic implosion when from being must-have triple-bagged collectibles Independent comics (especially black and white ones) became unsellable overnight.


And according to the GCD (who should know) this comic contains the only comic artwork ever published by creator Karl Bauer and is also the only comic ever published by Big Jolt Comics. The snag is that just because something is rare and obscure it doesn’t make it valuable. Do you remember that classic Tommy Cooper joke that went something like this:-

“I was up in the attic with the wife. Dirty and filthy and covered in dust. But she’s very good with the kids. In the attic we found a violin and a painting. I took them to be valued and the man said:  What you’ve got there is a Rembrandt and a Stradivarius. The trouble is that Rembrandt was useless at making violins and Stradivari was a lousy painter.”

PS: How did the Astonishing Moth gain his powers? His TV went on the blink and zapped him with a Radioactive beam just as a moth flew by….