Nostalgia 1975

Feb 10, 2011

I usually only write about stuff I like. There always has to be an exception to any rule. Here is something I DON’T like. Of course, the records were purchased unheard in the hopes that I would like them…. (But it does fit in with an earlier post…and it sorta kinda fits in with the next post to come).

When you think about it, for pretty much every single ever released, no matter how good or bad it was, someone somewhere was hoping that it would turn out to be a hit record. This could have been the recording artist, the manager, the producer, the A&R man or just the drummer’s mother. I will always remain eternally bewildered regarding the number of fantastic tunes over the last 50 years that didn’t become hits. This was often explained by a lack of radio airplay. A similar number of dire excuses for music became hits simply because they GOT masses of radio airplay.

These two singles just didn’t have the wow factor even though A Raincoat and Andy Arthurs would go on to issue better tunes later.

When “Nostalgia ’75” was released the title was meant to be ironic. Sometimes I do get nostalgic for 1975. It was a turning point career year when I almost became a journalist instead of the direction I ultimately chose. Ah well, “Today’s Newspaper is tomorrow’s chip wrapper”. Actually that phrase doesn’t really work now. I guess the last time I walked down a street eating chips wrapped in an old piece of newspaper would have been around…….. 1975…….. We’re back to “Nostalgia ’75”.

The “b” side of this single played at 33.3rpm and featured three tracks from the forthcoming “Digalongamacs” Album which evidentally in August 1975 was almost called “Macs by Graves” !!!! (They must have already taken the cover photo…)

Andy Arthurs released a number of solo singles such as this brief (only 2 minutes long!) tune from 1977.

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  1. Says:

    The arrival of an advance copy of an EMI red label single was almost always a herald of another dreadful record that made you think ‘why on earth did they bother’ at least, and quite often ‘who was the nutter who decided to issue that’. Normally they’d sit in the 10p bin for months before we just threw them away or I turned them into party invites.

    Only the endless series of rubbish Pye Records subsidiary labels were as of low a standard – Steve Bent’s ‘I’m Going to Spain’ on Bradleys still lingers as one of the most hellishly apalling songs ever released (not helped by my copy being pressed wildly off-centre). We ceremonially burned a copy of that in my garden at one particularly good party – together with Adam Faith’s ‘Do You Mind’ and other stuff.

    But the prize-taker must be A+M Records releasing ‘Mekanik Kommandoh’ by Magma as a single! Apparently it was one of the worst selling singles of all time. My A+M rep was in stitches when he told me the advance sales nationally came to the princely total of 17 copies (and I ordered two of those). I suspect that makes it one of the rarest commercially issued singles of the 70s, unless somewhere lurking in a warehouse is a mouldering pile of forgotten boxes.

    At least these days there’s good quality control preventing any rubbish music being issued

  2. Says:

    er, there was a ‘snigger’ at the end of that last statement, but it got left off because of the use of < around it.
    I dodn't mean that, honestly. (Phew, got away with it I think)

  3. If this blog had a quality control department it would have sounded the “delete abort delete” alarm for the above post.

    If things were valuable just because there aren’t many of them left I’d be able to sell my (rarer than a Ferrari) Bond Equipe for £$$££s and retire to the south of France. (In reality it is currently valued at minus£50).

    I’m currently spending my lunchbreak listening to THE Raincoats first album….a much more sensible use of my time…..

  4. Says:

    I wouldn’t be too hasty with the judgements …
    after all, there’s only one Magic Robot – and he’s priceless.

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