Making Out

Sep 21, 2009

making out

Another mystery. Here’s a great BBC TV show that’s never been repeated in almost 20 years and criminally, has never been released on DVD. “Making Out” was one of those rarities with a plot that was uplifting and tragic, funny and sad, feel-good yet true to life all at the same time. The plot(s) revolved around the (complicated) lives of a number of women working in an electronics factory in the north of England.

Originally broadcast around about 1990 it is the only programme I can ever remember (before or since) that I would cancel all other engagements to watch. (Can you remember what a pain it used to be to cue up a VHS tape and set the timer to record something….).  The show was written by Debbie Horsfield who would go on to Write/Produce “Sex, Chips and Rock and Roll” (fab too), “The Riff Raff Element”, “Cutting It” and recently “All the Small Things” amongst others. “Making Out” had believable scripts that were brought to life by great character actors such as Margi Clarke, Shirley Stelfox and the gorgeous Tracie Bennett. I’ve just looked on Amazon and cannot believe this series is unavailable in any format.

Here is a brief sample of the Making Out theme tune.

PS: The theme music and incidental music to “Making Out” was provided by the band New Order. And a paperback was issued in 1991 (although heaven knows what Margi and Tracie would have said when they saw the awful photo put on the cover!).