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Feb 4, 2011

ITEM: I’ve finally begun scanning a few comics using my new super swish (and cheap) all-in-one printer. It has so many buttons, flaps and levers there’s a chance it even plays DVDs. It is so big and bulky it may also have a dishwasher function.

However the fact that the purchase of this machine was necessitated because it cost less than a set of six new ink cartridges for my old printer still irritates me. If they wanted to seriously tackle waste and recycling they really should start with electrical equipment. When I first needed to copy sheets of paper for comic sales lists I used something very similar to this at school, with the appropriate lookout posted……

ITEM:    On some other Blog they were talking about how difficult people were finding it to track down things on “Google” and similar search engines. There was nothing wrong with the search engines. It was that the users had no conception of spelling or how to search, often using text-speak or beginning with “you know” and ending with “like” in the search box itself. Amazingly many, many thousands just type “Google” into the “Google” search box every single day !!

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  1. Says:

    we’ve got one of those end of range Comet/Dixons/Currys warehouse things just opened in town, and a serious whizzo printer/scanner can be had for less than 20 squids with ink sac included – or about £10 for the scrag end sale stuff.
    That means that even allowing for about 10 mins max setup time it’s not worth replacing those HP cartridges, just throw the old printer away. It’s not even worth giving away to charity now. COMPLETE MADNESS.

    Why not try folding the dishes into 8 and putting them into the card slot … you could then print out Sunday dinner again ad infinitum instead of cooking. However, don’t forget they only fit in the SD slot. Micro SDs are only fit for dessert plates, as long as there’s no currants stuck to the surface.

    I apologise for the lack of rationality in the above para – it’s probably a result of my late NY resolution to play every Hawkwind recording I have in sequence so as to break last Decembers very bad habit of sorting some 10,000 Christmas songs. Currently I’m mesmerised by the punk/electronic wondrousness of ‘It is the business of the future to be dangerous’. Somehow ‘Space is their Palestine’ has become a somewhat apt soundtrack in this household to the dreadfulness of the Cairo problem, while every other track without exception has become an instantly repeated classic. My youngest has now recovered from a verbal beating after innocently enquiring if it was a Daft Punk album.

  2. Says:

    and not replying for nearly a week has hopefully reset the cosmic balance ..

  3. Dave Roberts Says:

    Well I don’t know what happened to my comments written prior to this blog entry in anticipation of more techno whimsy? I live in the past and NOT the present. Just ask my wife. Here it is again , for the record.

    Does anyone remember the very smelly duplicating machines that used some kind of spirit. Had to wind the sheets through and they came out with a semi blotchy pale blue print. Very popular task in the office during the 70’s due to the fumes. Recall getting rather high a few times! What were they called? Any ideas?

    This post has come to the present from the past.

  4. Perhaps I sniffed too many of those fumes….I thought the Kodak Verifax pictured was indeed the very equipment you’re talking about (and I used)…Admittedly, every make had a different name for their duplicating machines…some people called them “banding machines” but I dunno what the “band” referred to….the ink was certainly blue though….

  5. Dave Roberts Says:

    Thats it! “BANDING machines” …. is what I actually recollect it being called.I “Googled” it, couldn’t find the name and not wanting to appear to be an absolute alien from planet Dave I held back. Why on earth was it called a “banding machine” …. ?

    Our machine was manual and you wound a handle on the side to feed the paper once you had wrapped your master copy around a drum.Hard work when doing a large print run BUT heady stuff and like you I probably inhaled far too much for my own good.

    …. which is why we are here today in a middle aged haze ( well, I am anyway ).

  6. Welcome to the “terminally bewildered” club….

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