The Lost World

Jan 1, 2021

It is 2020. In previous decades a spaceship returned carrying a deadly virus. Life could only continue within sealed domes.

Jane and Jean are told stories of life pre-virus when flowers bloomed and turkey dinners were all the rage rather than”food pills”.

One of the girls decides to escape. Her friend follows her.

The force field around their dome doesn’t extend underground so the girls soon dig their way to the outside world despite expecting instant death?!?

It seems two days has passed and the mother still hasn’t reported them missing/sent out a search party.

But all is well. The virus has gone! They are still alive! But perhaps like Covid-19 it takes a week or two to develop serious complications? We’ll never know.

You’d think the authorities would have been constantly testing the outside air but they are obviously as clueless as our lot. The two girls are heroes and life can return to “normal” (even if a pre-industrial lifestyle now beckons).Perhaps when our crisis is over our lives will be changed too. All countries will be bankrupt. Annual returns of the virus every winter will mean regular inoculations and foreign travel will be virtually banned. In a decade, although electric cars are compulsory the price of charging them might be so prohibitive that we’ll be living in a virtual world communicating only by Zoom and living in our own “bubbles” for ever.