Dec 1, 2015

Shortly this blog will reach the (to me) mind-boggling number of 400,000 views. Over the last eight years I’ve produced 600 posts containing 2000 images just by using the limited technology at my disposal. As with most blogs (and “Social Media” in general) it’s really been no more than a pathetic attempt to jump up and down and say “Here I am. Look at this!”. Still, I amused myself for a while and I’ve appreciated all the viewers who have landed here (by design or by accident) since January 2008.

Peak district

here is another view

Speling mistak

Dec 1, 2015

Are missing

Whats going on with this word balloon ??? Sad to say, 95% of the 100s of comics available each month are pretty much unreadable. The new Marvel No 1s are lacklustre. Once-interesting characters like Howard the Duck have been ruined with meaningless storylines and unattractive digital artwork. DCs are hardly any better. The current incarnation of Dr Fate is dreadful. And nobody proof reads anymore. Even though, with digital, corrections would be a piece of cake. You don’t even need to get the Tippex correction fluid out now…..


Starfire is supposedly an alien princess. Why would she (and her alien assailant) use so much American slang and jargon?

Ringo with comic

Suspense 23

More speling mistaks

Dec 1, 2015

The Clock maker

This is an odd comic series. Four issues appeared in 2003 produced by DC/Image. They only have half the page count of regular comic books but are printed at (original artwork size?) twice the size. They are folded in half, so at first glance they look like a normal comics, but to read them you have to open them out and the pages become “treasury” sized. I don’t like this format (and can’t recall any other DC comics of this size) and I certainly don’t like these fundamental grammatical errors made by the letterer in issue 2.

mistake 1

“Your” obviously should be “You’re”.

mistake 2

Here it should be the other way round.

mistake 3

“Then” should be “than”.

PS: The final panel of the fourth issue left the majority of the plotlines still unresolved. The back cover of issue 4 advertised issue 5 but this comic never materialised. However a slim 48 page graphic novel entitled “The Clock Maker Act 2” appeared the following year. That comic also failed to conclude the mystery of how/why our planet’s rotation was really controlled by subterranean clockwork in Switzerland rather than by more cosmic forces. Act 3 was supposedly written and drawn but has, after 12 years and counting, still never been issued. Definitely an odd comic series.

Nuff Said 53

Dec 1, 2015

World Brain

Perhaps H.G. Wells “invented” the Interweb in the 1930s?