Yet more small print

Mar 1, 2013


Apologies to the three people that still use desktop PCs rather than phones/tablets to surf the net. If I printed it the “right” way round the print was too small to read. Ah but nobody reads the small print anyway. Except me. This small print was in DC’s “Adventure Comics” 404 cover dated March 1971 and is referring to an issue of Adventure from a few months earlier. Supergirl was the current regular feature in Adventure then and she had been “rebooted” a few months earlier with a variety of sexier/bizarre costumes which changed each issue. She was also being drawn by the late great Mike Sekowsky which ought to have given the comic a few extra readers.

small print 2

So the print run was over 600,000. Yet only 350,000 were sold. A massive 250,000 were “left over”!! And only 511 people subscribed. I would have sacked the whole subscription dept immediately or begun a new campaign to increase the number of subscriptions taken out. DC was missing a trick. I read somewhere that Charlton’s “left over” comics found their way to the UK. I read somewhere else that for stores in the States at that time to get their money back on unsold magazines they had to tear the front cover/logo off for proof. So what did happen to those 250,000 unsold/returned issues? Were they pulped? Were future production runs amended to reflect how many issues per month were actually required?