How much?

Aug 1, 2020

£452 and not forgetting the 64p. Well you do get free postage. Personally I think a poor condition copy of Creepy Worlds 32 is worth about 64p tops. Even less when encapsulated as you can’t read it or check how many detached pages there actually are. I doubt that it has “cream to off-white pages” either.

And then scrolling further down eBay I see the same comic for sale at a staggering $29999.95. Admittedly this one comes complete with the cover printing plates. But the seller would have purchased this package for a fraction of the current asking price from 30th Century Comics just few years ago. I own a few similar comics with plates myself purchased for approx £20/£30 each at the time. There are other Class comics complete with cover printing plates still for sale and reasonably priced at 30th Century Comics (but not Creepy Worlds 32 or any other issues with FF covers) right now.

I recall a few years ago when some chancer wanted $49999.99 for a similar comic that didn’t even have the printing plates. Interesting to note looking at the back cover, that when Creepy Worlds 32 was first published (in 1964 or perhaps 1965) Alan had yet to publish the last two of his 6 main titles. Uncanny Tales and Astounding Stories began circa 1966. I recall purchasing No1 of Astounding Stories from my local newsagent as soon as it appeared on their counter. (For some odd reason I was deluded enough to collect first issues of anything and everything at the time). Not printing months or years on the covers (or inside) did give the comics a longer shelf life than all the other weeklies then available and some Class comics sat in the newsagents for months. Most of my money went on Marvel/DC/UK “Power” comics in those days.