Nuff Said 32

Nov 1, 2012

These are some of my favourite comicbook characters. Below is an example of WHY they are my favourites.

Laser 558

Nov 1, 2012

I’m currently reading an (out of print) book which covers the beginnings and setting up of this offshore radio station in depth. It was published in 1984 when Laser 558 had only been broadcasting in the UK for a few months so it doesn’t cover the “siege” by the DTI. Laser 558 officially began in May 1984 and disappeared suddenly in November 1985. Radio Caroline soon moved in and captured the clearer (at the time) 558m frequency for themselves. (Laser would make a comeback of sorts under new owners as Laser Hot Hits for a few months in the beginning of 1986 but the moment had passed).

Lo-fi recording of Laser 558 in October 1985.

Brief audio extract of an invite to a Laser 558 party.

For more Laser etc details than you can shake a stick at there’s no better place to look than an old 1980s issue of “Monitor”.

Monitor No 27

It’s not unusual for comicbook characters to fade away and re-appear years later. It is unusual for a 12 issue limited series to halt in its tracks midway through the story and then to continue after a gap of over 3 years.

The first issue of “The Twelve” was number 0 (?!?). This appeared about the same time as I began this blog. Issue 8 was dated December 2008. Issues 9 – 12 weren’t published until this year. I now find myself owning 15 issues of what was to be a 12 issue miniseries. (issues 0, ½, 1-12 and a one-shot called “Spearhead”).

At £8.39 this book collecting the second half of the story would have made far more sense than buying 7 comics at £3 something each!! I’m sure more and more people are waiting for the “trade” these days.

Nuff Said 31

Nov 1, 2012

It may give the correct answer but it’s the wrong robot.