Bakers Dozen

Mar 1, 2012

I bought this book three years ago but have only just got round to looking at it. If most “proper” record shops had closed by 2009 there must be very few left now. And I suspect even Amazon is beginning to struggle to shift CDs. They no longer get as much money from me. I do still have the benefit of a nearby Second-hand Record Shop though. I think I’ll pop in on Saturday to see if he has any LPs by (the late) Dory Previn or any Judge Dread singles. A while back I got an LP which contains possibly the most annoying song ever made.

 PS: So, could this really be the most annoying song ever made? Or is it this “song”?

PPS: I was going to write something about Davy Jones who died recently but there are countless others more qualified than I to do that. The Monkees were a ground-breaking band who managed to succeed despite the four conflicting personalities that were thrown together into the 1960s pop pressure cooker. The 1980s comeback tours were a triumph and the later low key solo concerts were always entertaining. Perhaps it will take the death of the youngest member of the band to produce a re-evaluation of their fab music.

Davy Jones    1945 – 2012

I’ve just held a personal minute’s silence and Davy asking “What number is this?” and the band replying “7A !!!!!!” popped into my head……………….