Happy Xmas

Dec 24, 2010

I’d almost forgotten about this Xmas tune…………

5 Responses to “Happy Xmas”

  1. Xopher Says:

    Happy what?? Why even bother if you can’t be arsed typing the whole word out??
    Xopher from X College Cambridge.

  2. Can’t beat a bit of peace and goodwill this time of year.

    Love and xxxs to you too.

  3. Dave Roberts Says:


    Have a Petty New Year mate!

    Life is short. Abbreviations are sweet. Use them if you have a life!

    Xave Xoberts from St Xlbans.

  4. dirigbledave@gmail.com Says:

    Whew – not nice
    and then you see it’s a Cambridge thing – ah well – £9k a year doesn’t get you much does it.

    Clearly someone ignorable and addicted to personal abuse – nobody else would go near the little boy.

  5. Spam I can almost understand…it is generated by robots after all. Other abuse and swearing (of which I get at least one every week)just puzzles me. As most comments are held in moderation I can usually flush them away. I might start letting them through so that everyone can point and stare at the intolerant nature some internet users. The other day I was told off in no uncertain terms for showing a cover of an old comic that didn’t immediately link straight to a cbr/cbz file of the comic in question. It seems I had wasted 10 seconds of sonny’s time.

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