All you need is Beatles

Jul 8, 2009

I always liked this Batman comic cover from June 1970.

Batman 222

Spanish Beatle fan Juan Carlos (at least I think that is his name…he doesn’t make it too obvious….) has produced some fantastic digital Beatle Comics that are well worth a look. There are 7 issues so far and he’s still only reached 1963 !! This project is evidentally a labour of love and the attention to detail of the Fab four’s early years in Liverpool seems spot on. I look forward to issue 8 and beyond.

Click here to visit Juan’s Beatle comics.


All 12 of the UK Beatle LPs will shortly be re-re-issued (having been re-re-mastered) on CD either individually or as a boxed set. There will also be another CD collecting all the fab “b” sides and the singles that never appeared on any LP at the time. Why “All you need is Love” wasn’t on Sgt Pepper is a mystery to me…. or it just proves how much classic material the prolific Beatles were churning out in the mid 1960s !! My current dilemma is do I buy all this music all over again. I bought all the Beatle CDs when they were first available circa 1990 just to have them in my collection. To be honest from being a child growing up constantly surrounded by Beatle music (my father was a big fan and bought all the early singles in their “mop top” phase and I carried on buying the singles and LPs through their later “hippy” and solo musician phases) I haven’t really listened to Beatle music for 30 years !! (Yet I’ve remained a Yoko Ono fan throughout that time..) Will the spell be broken or will they still sound fresh ?? Perhaps I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve heard a few re-mastered tracks although they are bound to sound better than my scratchy 45rpm singles and the original CDs where the “stereo” often consisted of vocals from the left speaker and music from the right speaker !! Even my LP version of “Sgt Pepper” is in mono because so was my record player at the time !!!!!