Delilah Samson

Apr 1, 2015

Back in the dawn of time (actually March and October 2009) I mentioned the legendary 1972 turntable hit (ie; it wasn’t a hit at all but got some airplay) that was Katina’s “Don’t stick stickers on my paper knickers”. I knew there was a feeble cover version by X Certificate and this third version by Delilah Samson, but it’s only recently that I got to HEAR Delilah’s version (courtesy of the Lord of the Boot Sale !?!). As I already own Delilah’s other record (Did she make more than two?) I thought I’d bundle them all here together for your and my delight.

Delila Samson WRO 1

It doesn’t look like they could afford many stickers or ANY paper knickers for the cover shoot!! Interestingly, it looks like Delilah’s version of “Knickers” uses the identical backing track as the one found on Katina’s single.

Delila Samson WRO 1A

No, I dunno what the B side is all about either, but it is quite catchy. In that alternate Marvel comic reality known as Earth-924 this single was number one for six months and Delilah went onto stardom on TV as a presenter of “Blind Date”.

Delila Samson WRO 1B


Even in 1978 I don’t think the world needed another cover of Chatanooga Choo Choo.


The B side is actually more interesting despite the wobbly vocals.


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  1. Jan Johnson Says:

    Would you like to buy a copy of this? I have one, and I would like it to go to a good home!

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