Screaming Lord Sutch

Jun 6, 2008

David Sutch (1941-1999) was a larger-than-life character. A minor pop singer in the early 1960s (who continued to gig throughout his life) he always managed to keep himself in the public eye. After a brief stint “running” his own Pirate Radio station he began the political party he called “The National Teenage Party” and stood for a couple of by-elections with the then-outrageous idea of votes for teenagers! Realising the potential publicity/TV coverage electioneering afforded him (and his LP “Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends” only selling slowly) he then founded “The Monster Raving Loony Party”. For the next 25 years he unsuccessfully attempted to get elected as a Member of Parliament. His manifesto included numerous mad (and a few quite sensible) proposals such as the introduction of a 99p coin (to save on change)!!

After his death the next elected leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party was a tabby cat called “Cat Mandu”. I see that if you visit  the Isle of Wight branch is currently advertising their Christmas Get Together meeting which is being held on June 27th !!!