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Sep 1, 2015

The Bozz Chronicles 2

The Bozz Chronicles 3

Back in 2008 (7 years ago. Doesn’t time fly….) I lamented that the glorious Marvel/Epic 6 issue series “The Bozz Chronicles” from 1986 had never been given the graphic novel treatment it deserved. However, in a couple of weeks time, after a mere 29 years of waiting, this omission will finally have been rectified.

bozz and amanda

Although I’ve got the comics (I’ve found two…the rest are in a box….somewhere….Galactus knows where….), I’ve ordered the book and look forward to re-reading the whole thing in the garden on the next fine day we have…. which will probably be sometime next year…. 😦

Bozz Chronicles

Aug 1, 2008

In 1986 when six issue mini-series were a novelty rather than the norm this underrated comic appeared. “Bozz” is an alien with an unpronounceable name, constantly contemplating suicide due to being stranded on earth in C19th London amongst us dim-witted savages. He is “saved” by Mandy, a prostitute who sees him as her meal-ticket to the finer things in life. She convinces him to become a private detective to keep him occupied/alive.

Written by David Michelinie and (mostly) drawn by Bret Blevins if ever a series deserved to be re-issued with the full “graphic novel” treatment it is this one. Highly recommended !!