DCs Editorial Advisory Board 1955

May 17, 2008

I note that DC had yet to acquire Blackhawk from Quality Comics or the Prize/Crestwood Romance Comics at this point. But Showcase No 4 featuring a re-vamped Flash and the Silver Age of Comics was just around the corner.

The recent arrival of the comic book code hadn’t really caused many changes to National/DC. In the mid 1950s DC’s lineup of comics continued to veer from Funny Animals, Westerns, War, Mystery, to even a few SuperHero comics. The page count had  been reduced from 52 to 36 a year or two earlier so the price could continue at 10 cents (and the price remained at 10 cents until the early 1960s !!) Only 5 or 6 of these titles are still being published in 2008. (House of Mystery gets periodic re-launches. Does Superboy currently have a comic out ?) I think its time for a revival of Nutsy Squirrel and Dodo and the Frog.