Bottom of the barrel

Sep 1, 2013

Actually these cassettes were at the bottom of a box. The box was full of odd paperbacks, Mads, well-thumbed ancient “Saint” books, Richard Allen’s low-brow fiction like “Skinhead” and “Hell’s Angels” and other odd comic-related stuff.

I expected to hear Patti Smith. I’d evidentally given the music a thumbs-down and taped over it with 40 minutes of Radio Caroline back in 1986.


I’ve got all the “Ay up, mi duck!” books somewhere This tape contains extracts from the LP.

ey up

DCC tapes were overpriced and an almighty flop with me and everybody else . They disappeared virtually overnight. CDs have had a good run though haven’t they?


16th apology


Cassingles were a fleeting fad. And wow, what synchronicity. I was only recently thinking about Phil Silvers Harris (I always get them mixed up). My father had some of his 78rpms (and….blast from the past moment I recall him playing  “Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey “)….Who on earth did that?? ….I must head for the Interweb and look that one up immediately….

Don't touch that dial

I think this show was a “re-creation”. Eddie’s tape re-creates “How does it feel to feel”. This one is rather good.