Nuff Said 73

Mar 1, 2021

Doctor No

Mar 1, 2021

Classics Illustrated commissioned a comic book version of Ian Fleming’s Dr No. Then they had second thoughts and decided it was too raunchy to put alongside their other classic comics and never actually issued it in the States. It ended up being sold to DC comics. They stuck it into an issue of Showcase.

Thorpe and Porter in the UK were publishing their own versions of the Classics Illustrated comics and very popular they were too. They were comics my father approved of and he bought me a number of them in the 1960s including Dr No which Thorpe and Porter had no qualms about publishing. I wish I had kept it as it now changes hands for lots of money.

It seems that reprints of Classics Illustrated here in the UK were available until quite recently but I haven’t seen any for years.