Radio Nordsee International

May 8, 2009

RNI first began official broadcasts in early 1970 and for reasons that are still unclear ceased transmissions in September of that year after an eventful 9 months. They would return however in early 1971 and continue to broadcast pop music from the Mebo 2 anchored in the North Sea (obviously) to a “young Europe” on MW/VHF/SW until August 1974. I won’t bore you with the details. There are many other places on the Interweb already covering the details well.

Radio Nordsee International

I must have purchased this 12 page booklet detailing RNI’s “history” to date in late 1970 or early 1971. Most likely it would have been via a classified advert in the UK pop music newspaper “Disc and Music Echo”. That was where I’d find info to send off for “Newsletters” about Offshore Pirate Radio news of the time. The best of those publications was “Monitor”. This began as a few foolscap sheets of coloured paper stapled together and ended up as an A5 booklet printed roughly 4 times a year containing fantastically detailed accounts of the comings and goings of the DJs on Radio Caroline/Veronica/Mi Amigo/Atlantis etc throughout the 1970s and 1980s. This magazine was published by the late Buster Pearson using a remarkably enlightened (LA….Loving Awareness) approach. The magazine had no fixed price!!! Buster asked you just to send what you could afford!!!!. When I was a penniless student I just sent him a few shillings per issue. Once I was in gainful employment I tried to send a few £££s per issue. Buster only printed an issue once he had collected enough funds from the previous issue to finance the next one. This next issue would be posted out to all the people on his mailing list and he would just trust that they would send him money to pay for it. This system operated for many many years with Buster never soliciting any money up front. I don’t think you’ll find too many people using that business model today. But of course Buster wasn’t doing it for the money…just his love of the Pirate Radio scene of those times.

Roland C. “Buster” Pearson (1928-1985) was honoured with this documentary on Radio Caroline.(Evening reception was always variable on Medium Wave and my radio/cassette recorder basic but I thought the subject matter makes it interesting).

Also see here. And here for links to more Offshore Radio stuff.


I must dig out a few copies of “Monitor” but for now click below for a pdf file of the Radio Nordsee International Booklet from 1970 written by Russel Carey with help from Fred Grilge,Eric Clapton,Emiline Crungebucket and many more.


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  1. Dave White Says:

    Enjoyed reading your piece about pirate radio. Check out a copy of the new Rock’n’Reel, issue 16 (the magazine has recently undergone a revamp and has been retitled R2). A new web column beginning in the same issue features The Magic Robot!

    You can get a single copy via the magazine’s website ( or at WH Smith, Borders, or your local newsagent will order it in for you if they don’t regularly stock it (it’s distributed by Comag).

    Hope you get some extra pairs of eyes scanning your pages as a result.

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    Thanks Dave though I’m sure there are umpty thrumpty other blogs out there far more worthy of a mention than my humble (and jumbled) posts. But as I spend less than 10 minutes a day on this including the scanning in of pictures people get what they get.
    I will continue to jump up and down, wave and point (metaphorically speaking) about things that have interested me.

    I’ve had a few really odd comments this year (excluding yourself of course). One guy complained (using modern language/text shorthand which may have been swearing..) that he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. I took that as a great compliment. Someone else said that the list of subjects down the left hand side of the screen had nothing in common. I had to patiently explain that what they had in common was ME !!!

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