Too Many Comics

Feb 1, 2013

Dunno where this shop is but this surely isn’t the best way to sell (or store/preserve for that matter) your comics. As well as umpteen longboxes the older parts of my “collection” are stored in stacks of cardboard archive boxes…the type you get from office supplies places like Viking. There are now too many boxes and too many comics. In recent years more sense has prevailed. I now only buy a handful of comics each month and it will take a whole year to fill one box…….

From the 1960s until the late 1970s I used to buy my comics off of spinner racks. The contents of the spinners varied from newsagent to newsagent and different parts of the country. Some spinners were exclusively DC. Some spinners had comics at the bottom and soft porn/True Detective etc etc higher up. Not many UK spinners would contain such a vast array of Harvey comics as the one in this pic of late 1950s anywheresville USA.

Do news stands still have quite the same variety as they used to?? When everything is just a digital download and cigarettes are made illegal will news stands be as rare as record shops??